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Eliran Oved, the founding partner of LinkinMarketing.com, has established a full service SEO Company specializing in different niches such as online Casinos and Gambling.

SEO for Casinos and Gambling Industry

While marketing in the increasingly ad-saturated world is becoming more and more difficult, it is requiring all sorts of different niches to invest in Internet Marketing.


Casino Marketing

However, with their reliance on flashy graphics and lights, the gaming industry, online casinos, and gambling are perfectly suited for online marketing. Thanks to modern advances in technology, online casinos and gambling have become more demanding than ever before.

As online gambling is becoming more of a demand, competition is constantly growing. Eliran Oved’s online full service SEO company serves to enhance online casino, gaming, and finance SEM rise above competition and obtain higher success through gaining new visitors and customers. Understanding the multitude of online gambling and casinos, he strives to make his clients stand out above the rest by providing premium SEO and Internet Marketing services.

Eliran Oved

CEO Linkin Partners

Eliran Oved is an Online Casino and Gaming Entrepreneur. He has worked in the Online Gambling Industry for Over 10 years, working on high end casino applications and platforms.

Next Steps...

Thanks to modern technology and the continuing advancement of online marketing, casino and gambling sites are popping up and growing by the minute. The competition is doubling everyday, as the online world is offering opportunities for anyone to start their own online gaming site. Being one online casino out of thousands, it makes the stakes even higher if their online marketing doesn’t exist. Nevertheless, it’s vital for casinos and gaming companies to understand that well-designed ads and great SEO standings are more important than flashing signs and bright lights. In fact, the only way to survive online is through investing in premium online marketing services.

While online casino games have quickly become a massive source of revenue for various companies, it makes it harder for each company to stand out separately and grow new visitors and customers. Online marketing and SEO strategies will help gain new customers and their trust. Not only will SEO services help rank a company higher on search engines, it builds company credibility.

Eliran Oved is offering a new innovation for online casino, gaming and finance SEM companies. He is providing a new form of competition for the online world through professional, efficient, and quality SEO and Internet Marketing services. Paving the path for online success for many companies, he is fully dedicated to providing casino and gambling sites a new form of success.

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